Saturday, April 18, 2009

more outside decorations and set up

Here are some outside decorations and set-up ideas

1. outside living room (lena corwin)

2. Nice lighting. I can get these paper lanterns pretty cheaply. To hand for the trees. We could also hang string across the yard, and then hang these off the strings. need extension cords for the power, I imagine. (also, don't the asparagus centerpieces look great too??)

3. Another example of outdoor furniture (from backyard wedding)

4. Another display of paper laterns, but unlit. Still looks great!

5. Mason jar votive. (Need to find the source, because there was a how-to. I think we could figure this out though)

6. may need to click to see it bigger. Just some good ideas for harvest/outside wedding decorations.

7. Smaller galvanized tubs on tables for beer and drinks.

8. Great nighttime lighting above food table.

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