Friday, September 18, 2009

music time and flashdance love

so now we're getting to more fun wedding planning stuff. You know, less linen selection, more cocktail experimentation. Next on the agenda is music. We're using an ipod to DJ, making some playlists to use at different points during the reception (despite the warnings from the American DJ association).

Our backyard isn't really going to be set up to have a lot of dance space, and neither of us are big dancers anyway, so there will likely be a pretty eccletic mix of indie, old punk, rock, and hip hop. odd, but so are we.

Even though we are not going the expensive DJ route, I am taking a lot of cues from an awesome DJ - Michael on The Flashdance. I am loving the mixes he's posted on the site, especially the most recent one highlighted on A Practical Wedding. They are giving us a ton of ideas!

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