Friday, June 19, 2009

um, yum

We have a caterer! Living in San Francisco, we had a lot of options, not only for caterers with delicious food, but those who also focus on local, organic, and seasonal foods. yeah, I know the whole local food thing can get kind of annoying to some, but it is important to us, and so the majority of our budget is going towards what I know will be fabulous food prepared by our caterer Christian Noto of jersey tomatoes.

We had our tasting on my birthday. we left
stuffed but very excited.

mini grilled cheese with spicy tomato soup shooters (um, yes.)

We are going for an extended cocktail party vibe, with appetizer stations and small plates. Christian will be a'grilling on a 6 foot charcoal grill in our backyard.

pulled pork crostini with aioli, wilted spinach, and parmesean

seasonal bibb salad with cherries and strawberries

My parents have been preparing the relatives for some "non-traditional" wedding fare.

grilled salmon, with purslane (an edible succulent!!!!)

meyer lemon tart with dirty girl strawberries and creme fraiche

These aren't necessarily the dishes we'll have at the wedding, but a sampling of what he can churn out. (But the grilled cheese will very likely make an appearance on the big day.)

Christian has been great to work with so far. When I called to tell him we had chosen him, he said "Your wedding is going to be epic."

My kind of caterer.

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