Saturday, June 27, 2009 let's look at food!

lobster bake in massachucetts

Even though we already have our caterer finalized, it's still fun to look at more food. Check out this great slideshow from the nytimes of wedding food from around the world.

cracker men with idazibel cheeze in madrid

The accompanying article is actually pretty interesting. It discusses the trend of seemingly causal weddings, including those at home, which actualy cost as much or more than a traditional formal affair (particularly in L.A.).

I haven't really found that to be the case so far in planning our own backyard wedding, which, while not necessarily born out of a financial need, will likely be cheaper than the wedding in Stern Grove we were originally planning.

freshly sliced jambon from madrid

But it is kind of annoying to think that our pre-existing homemade aesthetic is a trend, co-opted by the wealthy in an effort to not appear ostentatious.

The bottom line is that our friends and family will know that isn't who we are...that we aren't some trend-hopping folks making cobblers and grilling in an effort not to appear wealthy (which we decidely are not).

persian kabobs on an 8 foot grill

(if there was a Moby Dick's House of Kabob out here, we would DEFINITELY be doing this)

fava bean puree with burrata crostinis

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