Sunday, July 5, 2009

moo cards

Just spent much much MUCH longer than I intended making moo cards as part of our invitations. We ended up deciding not to include an RSVP postcard or anything like that. We figured everyone invited is an adult, and they can RSVP as they would for any other get together we would host.

But it is a special get together, so we put together little business cards with our contact info and RSVP options. I'll post again when we get them, but I think they are going to look great. Steve's mom had suggested moo cards for our Save the Dates. Since we decided to do the video instead (will be posted soon!!!), we thought the RSVP was a great use for the moo cards.

For the front, we chose photos of our travels together, our succulents, and little drawings we've made over the last 9 years.

Hanoi 2009

Chianti 2006

And... they have a "green" option, with 100% recycled paper and no chlorine.

Valentine's card 2006

Baby Toes succulent 2007

Amsterdam 2005

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