Monday, July 20, 2009


Because what is more important than envelopes?

well, everything, actually. like .... the whole getting married to your best friend part.

but you still gotta send your invites in something, right?

I have some kraft paper envelopes from Thailand that I bought in a random art shop in Mae Hong Son, but I don't think any of the sizes I bought will actually work.

The one above is$1 per envelope, which seems cheap, from Jam Paper. But not compared to the thai ones, which I purchased for the very reasonable price of 45 baht (about $1.20 USD) for a pack of 40. man, I miss Thailand.

These are 10 for $8. Plus they seem a little brighter in color. oh shit. I just became the bride who cares about the shade of an envelope.

oh shit.

I'm done.

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