Friday, July 17, 2009


ok. still in the invitation abyss. Our moo cards came and they are nicer than I expected. (full post to come...). But as for the invitations, we are still a little stuck. I think we have a general idea of the text and formatting, but need to decide on paper. and, um, order said paper.

Steve and I both have had a thing for wood veneer for awhile, but true to our pattern of "excitement! creative idea formation! no execution!" we haven't ever made anything with wood veneer. I've seen a couple of invites using wood, and I must say I really really like them. Nice, but still a little different. And I think we could print on them with our gocco.*

I love this one, with darker wood and light ink:

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

And here is a super helpful post on where to get supplies and how to work with veneer to make invitations from Paper Crave.

* Paper menagerie seems to have had great success with gocco on veneer, but I wonder if our smaller text might bleed??

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